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Laboratory for Attosecond Physics, Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik, Garching

ATTOWORLD Laboratory for Attosecond Physics

Laserlab Sweden

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  • 2022 August 10, We welcome Sajjad Vardast as a new PhD student in the REAL team!

  • 2022 June 2, A simple way to characterize µm-sized XUV and soft X-ray focus is published in Applied Sciences.

  • 2022 May 31, Alexander Muschet finished his postdoc. We  wish him all the best for his future career and private life!

  • 2022 May 24 Aitor De Andrés González got the Prize "Honorable Contribution to Educational Quality". We congratulate him!

  • 2022 January 26, Using temporal superresolution to generate multi-TW sub-4-fs light pulses is published in Optics Express.

  • 2021 June 04, Alexander Muschet successfully defended his PhD.

  • 2021 April, we welcome Fritz Schnur as a new PhD student in the group.

  • 2021 February 15, Generation of low-divergence X-ray pulses with femtosecond duration by electrons from laser-wakefield acceleration is published in Nature Physics.

  • 2021 January 1, The 4-year VR project "Nonlinear attosecond spectrosocpy" utilizing attosecond XUV pump - attosecond XUV probe techniques has been funded.

  • 2021 June 04, Alexander Muschet successfully defended his PhD

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